New Art Treasures In The Silesian Museum

Exhibition expected until 5th november 2023

Museums collect for the future. This also applies to the Silesian Museum. Things worth knowing and seeing should be preserved for future generations. Only a high-quality and broadly diversified museum collection makes it possible to preserve the cultural heritage of Silesia in the German-Polish dialogue and to illustrate it with exhibitions on art and cultural history.

The new show offers insight into this core task of the museum "behind the scenes". On display is a cross-section of attractive paintings, prints and sculptures from the new acquisitions of recent years for the "Art" section. None of the works has been presented publicly before. Here it becomes clear what exhibits are capable of telling: of historical events and important personalities, of encounters with landscapes and cities or of people with their fates, wishes and hopes.

This show came about primarily thanks to the many generous donations from private individuals. Along with purchases from the trade, they contributed to the gratifying growth of the museum collection. Particular mention should be made of the great commitment of the Museum's Friends, who provided funds for the purchase and restoration of individual exhibits. Thanks are also due to the Ernst von Siemens Art Foundation, which made it possible to purchase two particularly valuable paintings at auction in 2022.