Öffentliche Führungen durch die Sonderausstellung "Kunst und Krieg" am 30./31. Mai auf Deutsch und Polnisch. Mehr Infos

You can see the German-Polish exhibition IMMER NOCH | NADAL at the Kunsthalle Görlitz from 4 May to 23 June. More info

We cordially invite you to our special exhibition "Art and War. Between euphoria and accusation". Until 30 June 2024, pictures from several centuries with different perspectives on the subject will be on display. With a mixture of disgust and fascination, artists are still confronting the events of the war in a great artistic variety today. More

Damit es in unserem Museum "rund läuft", suchen wir Verstärkung! 
Pauschalkräfte / geringfügig Beschäftigte (m/w/d) auf 538-Euro-Basis:
Bewerben bis 31. Mai

From 31 August, we will be showing the exhibition "LILIENZEIT. The mystical philosopher Jacob Böhme and the renewal of the world". More