Functions and objectives

The development association (Förderverein) of friends and supporters of the Görlitz Silesian Museum – Landesmuseum Schlesien e. V. has set itself the task of raising funds which enable the Silesian Museum to acquire new objects for its collections. In addition, the association brings to the public’s attention the aims and objectives of the foundation Stiftung Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz.

The association encourages Silesians and friends of Silesia to entrust or offer cultural assets from Silesia to the museum. Raising money from membership fees and donations, it supplies the museum with financial resources to purchase interesting collectors’ items. Through the years, the association has made a considerable contribution to keep the treasures of the museum growing (the German website displays photos of objects purchased by the association, see Link)

Furthermore, the association promotes activities and projects of the Silesian Museum as well as school projects held in German, Polish and Czech Silesia, and it also maintains contacts to museums and their development associations in Polish and Czech Silesia.

The members of the association are widely dispersed, and with their manifold professional and private contacts, they help to draw people’s attention to the Silesian Museum, and thus, to the Silesian city of Görlitz.