Accessibility – a Museum for everybody!

The Schönhof, the main building of our museum, was built more than 500 years ago and is an architectural monument of great value. It is not quite easy to arrange barrier free access to a centuries-old building, but we are trying. All rooms can be accessed by wheelchair users, however, with four of the rooms, they will need the help of another person. Baroque stairs and low entrances require special attention.

Ways to get to the Museum

by car:

  • The main entrance to the museum (Brüderstraße 8) is situated in a pedestrian zone. Only authorised vehicles are permitted to enter this area.
  • Access by car is possible at the rear entrance on Fischmarkt 5.*
  • There is a parking space for disabled persons in the courtyard of the administration building in Bäckerstraße 2.  The museum entrance on Fischmarkt 5 is about 50 metres away from there.*

using a wheelchair:

  • Please use the entrance via the museum shop in Brüderstraße 8 (next to the main entrance).*  
  • The entrance on Fischmarkt 5 is suitable for wheelchairs as well.*

Routing in the Museum

  • All exhibition rooms are accessible for wheelchair users. There is a stairlift to reach room no. 15.
  • Please use a movable ramp to enter room no. 6.*
  • There are lifting platforms to access rooms nos. 16 and 17.*
  • The ticket office provides light and stable stools and a wheelchair.
  • On the ground floor of Fischmarkt building, there is a barrier-free WC.
  • Wheelchair users can access the event room from the ground floor of Fischmarkt building.
  • The glass doors to the buildings on the ground floor are provided with automatic door openers.

Our supervisory staff will gladly assist wheelchair users who need an accompanying person.

* Please get in touch with us! Tel.: 0049 (0)3581 87910

(Photo/Graphic: Frank Vater, Görlitz, © SMG)

Offers for Visitors


  • Severely disabled persons can get a discount ticket.
  • The exhibition texts are presented in German and Polish.
  • We offer free audio guides in German, Polish and English.
  • Upon request, we can arrange guided tours in simple language as well as tours for people with dementia. *  
  • A museum guide in simple language is available – both printed and digital.


  • There is free access to the event room. The catering rooms and the barrier-free WC are also located nearby on the ground floor.
  • For events, a microphone system and an audio induction loop system are provided.
  • A movable stage is available.