We kindly invite you to a fascinating land in the middle of Europe with an eventful history and a varied culture.
On an area of nearly 2.000 square metres, the permanent exhibition provides insight into 1.000 years of cultural history. You can admire ancient craftsmanship: gold work from Breslau/Wroclaw, splendid glassware polished and cut in the glassworks of the Riesengebirge/Sudeten Mountains, brilliantly coloured faiences from Proskau (Prószków). Cast iron from Gleiwitz (Gliwice), pottery from Bunzlau (Boleslawiec) and porcelain from the Waldenburg (Walbrzych) region used to carry the name of Silesia out into the world. The capital city of Breslau presents itself as a centre of art and science.  Not least, it has to be mentioned that the city contributed remarkably to the art of Classical Modernism. The museum displays important works by artists like Otto Mueller, Oskar Moll and Johannes Molzahn.