Silesia – common natural and cultural Heritage

A project of the Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz and the Sudeten Mountains National Park within the framework of the INTERREG-co-operation programme Poland-Saxony 2014-2020

The aim of this common project is to make the region more attractive in terms of tourism. The focus of the proposed cultural, scientific and educational measures is on the preservation and the development of Silesia’s cultural and natural heritage.

- Reconstruction and restoration of the building called „Kleiner Stall” (small stable) in Hermsdorf/Sobieszów to create a modern centre to hold conferences, cultural events and exhibitions

- Completion and partial renewal of the permanent exhibition and the event room in the Görlitz Silesian Museum.

- Exchange of ideas on aspects of reconstruction and usage of architectural monuments on the Polish and the German side

- Completion of touristic signs referring to the Sudeten Mountains National Park and the Silesian Museum along the roads between Görlitz and Hirschberg/Jelenia Góra

- Two multi-media exhibitions: “The Sudeten Mountains“ and “Silesia after 1945” and presentation in Hermsdorf/Sobieszów and Görlitz.

- Preparation and presentation of an exhibition on “Art in the Sudeten Mountains“ in the Görlitz Silesian Museum 

- Excursions for Saxon school groups to explore the Sudeten Mountains

- Excursions for Polish school groups to attend workshops and do geocaching in Görlitz

- Organisation of several cultural events focusing Silesian history and traditions  

Total expenses: 2.899.701,98 €
Amount of financial support (85%): 2.334.361,15 €, out of this 1.722.614,20 € for the Sudeten Mountains National Park and 611.746,95 € for the Görlitz Silesian Museum


Lead-Partner: Sudeten Mountains National Park