Heads or Tails. A History of Money in Silesia

This travelling exhibition was arranged by the Silesian Museum based on its rich collection of coins and medals. Some 120 items from nine centuries are on display to fan out political, economic, cultural and historical aspects of money in Silesia. The art of medal-minting presents another facet of Silesian numismatics.

Visitors are invited to take a close look at coin designs, inscriptions and par values, since they tell us about the past: They reveal the changeable power structures and the development of coins in Silesia. The exhibition explains the legal and practical basis of mintage and illustrates, in what way the decrease or increase of the monetary value affected the economic situation of the country.

There are numerous medals referring to the work of masters in medal-minting in Silesia, presenting those tiny pieces of art being media of previous centuries. Reflecting the styles of their time, they show important events and characters, serve as awards and memorabilia or carry messages out into the world. 

Among the items of the travelling exhibition, there are the objects from the stock of the Silesian Museum, 13 rollups and a folder (size A3) containing documents from everyday life. Besides, it provides small benches and mirrors for the display of the items as well as concepts for museum education.

Graphic design: René E. Pech, © SMG